The OCHCA is an agency that focuses on the health care of Orange County residents. The agency has many different branches and divisions but they still fall under the same health care category. The Nutrition Education and Obesity Pevention (NEOP) had a big amount of services that were available such as nutrition classes, food demos, staff training, and many more. There are six different Health Care Agencies that proved NEOP in the Orange County area.

The OCHCA also has a great family health clinic department. The child health and adolescent clinic provides a variety of services to young children. They offer health care check ups that include immunizations and exams. The exams are free and/or low cost based on the recommended vaccine schedule given. Another service they offer is that they link children to medical homes. They also link children to MediCal and CHDP. To be eligible for the child and adolescent health clinic, the child(ren) have to be under the age of 18 and they have to have met the income guidelines. The children should not have any insurance to be eligible for the services.

There is also dental clinics to help adults and children. For adult emergency dental clinics, there are emergency services for dental infections and pain. The only downside about the adult clinic is that it only takes walk ins only, so it becomes an first come, first serve basis. To be eligible for the adult clinic, one must be a resident of Orange County, and may not be insured unless from denti-cal. The children’s dental clinic is available for children from ages 4-18. Services include oral health evaluations and xrays, cleaning and simple fillings, and oral hygeine instruction. The eligibility for children are the same as adults.

From reading about this event, I learned that Orange Country makes a great effort to help the community with their health. They offer a wide range of many different clinics, departments, and laboratories. Going forward from learning about OCHCA, I wish to be able to work with such a great establishment to help my own community and to be able to promote better and greater health around me.

-Pauline Wong


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