AHA – Grad School Panel #4

Grad School Panel #4

This event was hosted by the Allied Health Academy at CSU Fullerton. The event was a panel of three different graduate students who are in grad school. The grad students were Kathlyn (Comm. Disorders), Maria (Counseling), and Brittany (Public Health). They talked about how culture has inspired or influenced them to go into their fields of interest. They also talked about how it impacted their ways of thinking and how they want to give back to the community.

From this event, one thing I got out of it was how culture was a huge part in moving forward. I learned that people should learn where everyone come from rather than just putting up a line and not being able to see the other perspective. Also to learn about a lot of different cultures so that I can gain more knowledge of how different cultures have different ways of behaving. Also, Maria mentioned that there should be more people of color that work in the health field, therapy, counseling, etc. Since there are different cultures, people would be more comfortable to know that their culture was taken into consideration into hiring a wide variety of people of color. Kathlyn also stated that people with autism or down syndrome in her culture, their parents would be ashamed to bring them out because they were not considered normal. Brittany also mentioned that with her spanish background, she wanted it to help her get to where she is and not be given something because of where she came from. From that, I realized that, that happens pretty often. The background of someone and what language they can speak does help but it should not be the number one factor in getting something. Kathlyn also mentioned that the more culture a person has, the easier it is to get accepted into a master’s program for communicative disorders because she was able to speak many different languages. For comm. disorders, it is more of an advantage because communicating with the knowledge of different languages helps a lot.

I was not able to attend the panel in person, but after watching the video, I have learned a lot. As a result of watching the event, I will start to learn more about different cultures and how each culture differs from each other. I should also learn more languages so that I am able to communicate better with everyone.


-Pauline W.


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