AHA – Alumni Guest Speaker: Social Work

Alumni Guest Speaker: Social Work

This event was hosted on February 24, 2017 at CSUF. There were two alumni guests, Melissa G. and Sarah DeG., who shared their experiences in the field of social work.

From this event, I learned that many social workers do not necessarily have a degree in social work. They may have a degree in english or sociology. When applying for a social work position, it is required to have some sort of degree because you have to be equipped and prepared to work with high individual clients and patients. One major thing I learned from the speakers where the core values of social work. Social work embodies the following core values: empower, advocate, promote social change, support, and educate. Empowerment is when powerless people, who need help, seek out social work to help them by problem solve and to let them know that they can make better and healthier choices for a better path in their life. Also, be an advocate to the person so that you can push them to be where they want to be and their goals. Social change is giving a person hope or positivity to help them move forward. Support someone by empathizing and understanding where they come from and to treat them equal and human beings. Educate by preventing problems from getting worse.

Social work has different and positions to work in. One position that stood out to me was the program development one because it works with different populations by working from micro to macro levels. The other one that stood out was the children and family services. They work to remove children from unsafe situations and household. They do a lot of case management but they also work with many adoptive families. The social worker would go to the different homes of the families that want to adopt and do a home study.

As watching the video of the guest speakers, I found out that there was a lot more to social work that what I thought. I did not know that there were so many different positions and tiers that social work covers. I want to know more about how social work plays a part in the community, especially with the children and how that ties with adoption and foster homes.


-Pauline Wong


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