COPE Health Scholar: Week 5

05 March 2017

One whole month has passed during my internship at Queen of the Valley Hospital. During this time, I have learned a lot in both outpatient therapy and emergency room. In the therapy department, I learned that most pediatric patients come in with the disability of either autism or down syndrome. There was one week that I was observing the occupational therapist work on sensory motor skills with a few patients. She taught me that to help the kids with sensory motor skills, she tries to get them to mostly paint. She says she starts them off by sitting on the floor to see if they have bilateral coordination to be able to sit on their own and doing things on the floor. I also learned that painting helps with fine motor skills because they are able to get the paintbrush into the color they want and paint within the lines of the picture.

In the emergency room, I learned how to efficiently put a patient on the monitor. From the nurse, I learned that if a patient is not cooperating, I should just come back in a few minutes so that they can calm down. Vitals are an important factor in the emergency room because those few pieces of information helps the nurses and doctors determine how to proceed to provide the patient with the best care possible.

This internship caught my attention because I was able to work in a hospital setting. I have always wanted to be able to work alongside a patient care team so that I can better understand how everything works. The only information I had about working in a hospital was through watching tv shows, so being able to work in a hospital caught my attention. Being able to watch therapy sessions has been very meaningful because it is the field that I want to go into.

I am most excited about seeing how each pediatric patient progresses with each session. I also want to see some of them be able to “graduate” from therapy and be able to move on with better skill sets. I am also excited to learn about each different treatment options that occupational therapists come up for pediatric patients and how they differ for adult patients.

My objectives are as followed:


  1. Become familiar with how therapists interact with patients with different kinds of disorders, either physically or mentally; and learn how to diagnose and treat them with a variety of methods.
  2. To enhance my knowledge about autism and down’s syndrome.
  3. To understand how occupational therapists work in a hospital setting and how it differs from a private practice or clinic.
  4. To understand how the emergency department team works together to tend to urgent patients.


  1. To develop my communication and interpretation skills with occupational therapists.
  2. To be competent in the field of occupational therapy to be able to develop my own sessions with confidence.
  3. Interact with urgent care patients by building connections on a more personal level.
  4. Communicate and learn from occupational therapists and emergency room nurses.

I am currently still learning and working on achieving my objectives. So far, I have learned a lot and I hope to learn more through the next few months.

-Pauline Wong


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