AHA – Alumni Guest Speaker: Public Health

AHA – Alumni Guest Speaker: Vattana Peong

This event was hosted on Friday, March 17, 2017 at CSUF. Vattana is an alumni of CSUF. He got is Masters Degree in Public Health and is currently an Executive Director for The Cambodian Family. The Cambodian Family is a no profit organization that provides services to low income families and children in Orange County.

From this event, I learned many things. Peong mentioned that public health plays a very important role to promoting health. They key things he talked about was to promote and protect. Public health is to do something about people going to the doctor; it is to prevent people from having to see a doctor in the first place. Provide education and policies while advocating safety issues, such as smoking policies or seatbelt safety. Public health does not only focus on one person, it focuses on the whole population (city, state, county, etc.). The main job of a public health person, is to go out and target people but not a specific person. Target a small group of population or a specific group, such as having them get flu vaccines. Public health is to promote and protect, not treat anything. It is to work together to prevent epidemic and the spread of diseases, like covering coughs and sneezes, and wash hands thoroughly and frequently so that germs and bacteria do not spread.

I also learned that public health workers make sure that people have access to quality health care services in the community. They have to do that by advocating, they have to talk to different providers and legislatures to propose a bill or similar to promote a certain group so that they can have access to better health care services. A rule of public health is to make sure that everyone has at least the same access or better, to health care services as others. They also communicate with doctors offices to give a better alternative than medications. There are many different roads that a public health person can go. They can become health educators, restaurant inspectors, researchers, administrators, policy makers, etc.

Going forward, I would like to know more about the places or groups who need more attention. I want to know more about how the whole system and process works so that I am able to gain more knowledge about how policies and such are made. I enjoyed the whole video and I thought it was pretty inspiring and informational. I did not know anything about public health at all but I have gained insight on what they do.

-Pauline Wong


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