AHA – Asking Prof. for LOR

Asking Prof. for LOR w/ Chad

This workshop was posted online on March 16, 2017, by Chad. Chad is a graduate assistant and during the workshop, he talked about ways to ask a professor for a letter of recommendation.

A letter of recommendation, according to WikiHow, is a needed for applications such as graduate schools and full time positions. Usually, professors are the best candidates to write a letter of rec. Professors are the ones to mainly ask for a letter of recommendation because they are able to comment on your performance in an academic setting. It is potentially better to ask professors in which you have gotten a good grade in the class. Even if you and the professor know each other well, but you did not do as well in that class, the letter may not be as strong as another where you excelled in that class.

Chad mentioned some ways to get to know faculty members. I found these points very informational because I am not the type of student to really talk to professors besides lecture questions. Participating in the professors’ research can lead to a better relationship with the professor and link out similar research interests. There was also a point to keep in touch after the course is done. He mentioned to email the professor periodically so that they do not forget about you. It also shows an interest in their field and to check in with the professor.

I also learned that, getting a letter of recommendation does not necessarily mean that they all have to be in the same field that I want to pursue; it also depends on the field. I believe that for myself, since I am going into a rehabilitative therapy field, my letters of recommendation should be pretty specific. Mainly because they may be looking for people who have experience or exposure to therapy.

One other thing I have learned is how to approach a professor or faculty member for a LOR. It is always better to approach and ask them in person rather than email or phone. That way, they can recognize you and get a better idea of how you were as a student in their class(es).

Overall, I found this workshop very informational. I learned some way on how to ask a professor and how to build a better relationship with them. I will try to keep in touch with professors after I graduate so that I can get a LOR from them afterwards.

-Pauline Wong


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