AHA – Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviewing 101 w/ Chad

This workshop was held on March 17, 2017, by Chad. I did not attend in person, therefore this post is based on the video he posted online. Chad is a graduate assistant and he gave information on how to get advice and ask proper questions when interviewing someone.

From the workshop, I learned that an informational interview, according to U.S. News, is “a one on one conversation with someone who has a job you might like, who works within an industry you might want to enter, or who is employed by a specific company that you’re interested in learning about.” For me, I think it is asking the interviewer questions about what I want to know about them and their company. It is what I want to benefit from them if I am able to land the job at their site. I am able to get information about the career field that they have and decide whether or not I can see myself pursuing that same career interest. I also learned that is it very important to network with everyone. Informational interviewing is the best time to really get to network by asking important questions and I can start to build a professional relationship from that. Informational interviews can help me because I am able to gain insight on what I can really expect on the field, rather than just reading about it in text. I can also get first hand information about what is currently happening in the field, such as an influx or efflux of occupational therapists, or new certifications, etc.

Informational interviews is mainly conducted to get information and knowledge for my own benefit. Informational interviews are also very different from regular job interviews in many ways. Regular job interviews are to try and get the job whereas informational interviews are to learn more about the field, in detail.

There are many different ways to conduct an informational interview. There are emails, phone calls, video call, and in person. I think in person is always the best because there are small details that you cannot get with a phone call or similar.

From this workshop, I learned many different things. Firstly, I did not even know what an informational interview was until now. Going forward, I will start to ask more questions about the field that I am interested in and to not be afraid to ask questions because it is myself that might be applying for the future job. This workshop was very informational for me.

-Pauline Wong


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