COPE Health Scholar – Accomplished Objectives

14 April 2017

Looking back on my objectives, I realized that I have accomplished all of them. During the month of January, when I was interning in the outpatient therapy department, I worked really close with the therapists. I learned about how many different methods to treating a patient with different kinds of disorders. I also learned how to evaluate new pediatric patients with tests but in a fun manner so the child is not nervous. One of my objectives was to enhance my knowledge on autism and down’s syndrome. Working with the therapists, I now have a much better understanding of the disabilities and how it affects everyone around the patient. Now, I have a different perspective on how to treat children with these types of mental disabilities.

The other half of my objectives were mainly based in the emergency department. I always knew that the ER would be busy, but after starting my rotation in the ER department, it turns out that it was much more busy than I thought. There were days when it would not be as busy and that was when I conversed and interacted with the nurses and staff the most. I gained exposure to so many different areas health care related fields, such as the administration, nursing, EMS, etc. I learned how each of their role impacts the care of a patient and how they each take a big part in the patient’s stay in the hospital. Interning¬†in the ER, there were numerous times when I have encountered stroke patients who come in. When there are stroke patients, they usually always take first priority; most of the ER staff and the physician, would tend to that patient immediately. I learned and now understand how they work together and come up with the best treatment plan for the patient so that they can quickly get the patient in a better state.

A personal goal of mine was to gain confidence in myself to help the patients in the best way possible. For the most part, I feel that I have become much more assertive in the way I think and act. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I recently performed CPR on a patient. Before doing that, I was never that confident that I can perform CPR on a real person, even though I took the required CPR class. After knowing that the patient had a pulse after performing chest compressions, I realized that I can do much more than I think I could. As long as I am able to help a patient in a big or small way, I know that it makes a positive impact on the patient and their family.


-Pauline Wong


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