COPE Health Scholar: Final Reflection

20 April 2017


My internship was with Citrus Valley Health Partners at the Queen of the Valley Campus. The departments I interned at were Outpatient Therapy Department (adult and pediatrics) and the Emergency Room Department. My two preceptors were Stephania Olamendi and Alisha Kim. This internship was for four months and it was to gain hands on experience while working with health professionals in occupational therapy and with the emergency room staff.

Internship Goals/Objectives


  1. Become familiar with how therapists interact with patients with different kinds of disorders, either physically or mentally; and learn how to diagnose and treat them with a variety of methods.
  2. To enhance my knowledge about autism and down’s syndrome.
  3. To understand how occupational therapists work in a hospital setting and how it differs from a private practice or clinic.
  4. To understand how the ER department team works together to tend to urgent patients.
  5. Understand how the ER department converses with one another to come up with the best care for the patient.


  1. To develop my communication and interaction skills with occupational therapists.
  2. To gain experience and knowledge in the field of occupational therapy to get an idea of how to develop my own sessions for a better learning experience.
  3. Interact with urgent care patients by building connections on a more personal level.
  4. Communicate and learn from occupational therapists and emergency room nurses.
  5. To work with other health professionals and gain exposure to how each of their role impacts the treatment of each patient.

Internship Accomplishments

  1. Had hands-on patient interaction during therapy sessions.
  2. Increased knowledge about Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other mental disabilities.
  3. Learned how ER team works together to help every patient.
  4. Performed CPR and brought a person back to life.

Self – Evaluation of Performance

My experience has been great the whole duration of this internship. Being able to work with all kinds of therapists, such as physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory, was a great learning experience. I learned and gained information on many different levels and I hope to carry that information with me into grad school and to help my own patients in the future.

I have developed close relationships with the therapists, nurses, and EMTs. I believe that they will be great resources to me that I can contact in the future. From my preceptors to the occupational therapists I worked with, I hope to receive many letters of recommendation for grad school.

An advantage that I like from this internship was that it helped me with my time management skills. With all the monthly statuses and making time to meet with my preceptors, I learned that I need to prioritize my schedule. I was also glad that I was able to look back on my accomplishments every month and at the end of the internship. I plan to continue my internship as a COPE Health Scholar, even though I will complete my internship within the Allied Health Academy.

-Pauline Wong


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