COPE Health Scholar: Planning Ahead

20 April 2017

Researching about a potential graduate school program is one part of my internship. The school I decided to research about is CSU Dominguez Hills. I looked up their pre-requisite classes to see what I needed to complete to be eligible for CSUDH Occupational Therapy Program. This is a brief overview of what I found:

– Bachelor’s Degree

– Prerequisite Courses

Completed the following prerequisite courses within the last 10 years, minimum 3 semester units each, a minimum of B average in all prerequisite courses, and a minimum of C for each course.

  1. Human Anatomy with laboratory *
  2. Human Physiology with laboratory *
  3. Developmental Psychology (Across the Life Span) †
  4. Abnormal Personality or Abnormal Psychology
  5. Statistics

– Minimum 3.0 GPA


– Volunteer hours (80) and verification

– 3 letters of recommendation

  • 1 from the licensed occupational therapist who supervised the volunteer hours
  • 2 from professionals that can attest your ability for graduate coursework and level of professionalism

This program lasts 7 consecutive semesters, including summer.

During my internship, I spoke with an occupational therapist. She was not working on any project at the moment but she did mention that she was preparing to present to a class at USC on her previous works and her current job. She showed me the powerpoint that she was working on and how she was going to present to the class so that she can make it fun and interactive. She told me that she is always talking to other health professionals and attending seminars and workshops on the growing health fields. She always wants to be updated on the new things, especially now since technology is advancing so quickly. She likes going back to USC and give talks and presentations for many reasons. For one, she graduated with her degree in Occupational Therapy at USC. She also goes there to recruit one or two students to do their fieldwork with her. This ties in with what I want to do because once I become a licensed occupational therapist, I hope to give back to the people who have helped me get to where I want to be. I would like to have people look up to me and to also have students who would like to learn from me and work alongside me.

-Pauline Wong


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