COPE – Overview of Internship

This is the video I did about my overall experience as a COPE Health Scholar Intern.   -Pauline Wong


COPE Health Scholar: Final Reflection

20 April 2017 Introduction My internship was with Citrus Valley Health Partners at the Queen of the Valley Campus. The departments I interned at were Outpatient Therapy Department (adult and pediatrics) and the Emergency Room Department. My two preceptors were Stephania Olamendi and Alisha Kim. This internship was for four months and it was to... Continue Reading →

COPE Health Scholar: Planning Ahead

20 April 2017 Researching about a potential graduate school program is one part of my internship. The school I decided to research about is CSU Dominguez Hills. I looked up their pre-requisite classes to see what I needed to complete to be eligible for CSUDH Occupational Therapy Program. This is a brief overview of what... Continue Reading →

COPE Health Scholar: Learning from an OT

12 April 2017 During the first month of this internship, I worked with all kinds of outpatient rehabilitation therapists. There was one pediatric occupational therapist that I mainly worked with. I helped her with getting the needed materials for the next therapy session and wiping down the toys and areas that the previous patient worked... Continue Reading →

COPE Health Scholar: Mission

05 April 2017 This past month, during my internship, many interesting things have happened. One of the biggest life changing moment I had was when I had to give CPR to a patient. and saved his life. This patient came into the ER via ambulance and I was helping the nurse who was in charge... Continue Reading →

COPE Health Scholar: Week 5

05 March 2017 One whole month has passed during my internship at Queen of the Valley Hospital. During this time, I have learned a lot in both outpatient therapy and emergency room. In the therapy department, I learned that most pediatric patients come in with the disability of either autism or down syndrome. There was... Continue Reading →

COPE Health Scholar Internship

05 February 2017 My name is Pauline Wong and I am a Kinesiology major at Cal State Fullerton. I will be graduating in May 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. After that, I plan to continue on to grad school to fufill my goals of becoming an occupational therapist. For the next few... Continue Reading →

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